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Dr. Patricia Silveyra - Principal Investigator

Dr. Silveyra is an Associate Professor and Anthony D. Pantaleoni Eminent Scholar at Indiana University (IU) School of Public Health Bloomington. She is also the Chair of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health and an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at the IU School of Medicine. 
Dr. Silveyra earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and her PhD in Biochemistry, from the University of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, where she grew up. She moved to the United States as a postdoctoral fellow in 2008 after being selected for an Ambassadorial Scholarship by The Rotary Foundation. She joined the faculty at Penn State College of Medicine as Assistant Professor in 2013 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2018. She later moved to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she led the Biobehavioral Laboratory at the School of Nursing from 2018-2020, and she joined the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at Indiana University School of Public Health in 2021. Dr. Silveyra has received numerous awards for her research, mentoring of students, and efforts to promote diversity in STEM. She is an advocate for underrepresented minority and international trainees, and she serves in various national organizations and committees. 

Our research team

Current lab members


2024                   Maddie Coggan - undergraduate student

2023                   Jackson Crenshaw - undergraduate student

2023                   Aniyah Harris - summer intern

2023                   Sahar Abdullah - summer intern

2023                   Evelyn Redmond - summer intern

2021-2023          Rachel Alford - MS student

2022-2024          Ayra Siddiqui - undergraduate student

2021-2022          Keishla Colón Montañez - summer intern

2021                    Miguel Silva Rodriguez - research fellow

2020-2021           Daniel Rodriguez Bauza - research fellow

2019-2020           Deborah Montes - research technician 

2019-2020           Jose Bermudez - research technician 

2019-2020           Heba Al-Housseiny - research technician 

2019 (summer)    Mina Norman - visiting student

2018 (summer)    Rachel Steckbeck - summer intern

2018 (summer)    Ashley Weaver - summer intern

2018 (rotation)     Indira Purushothaman - graduate student

2018-2019           Anika Naeem - international research fellow

2018-2019           Imtiaz Ahmed - NICU fellow

2017-2018           Jonathan Pesantez - summer intern

2017 (summer)    Maria Chroneos - summer intern

2017-2018           Shaneeka Emile - summer intern

2017 (rotation)     Jenna Wilcox - graduate student

2017 (fall)             Aniyah Godwin - high school student 

2016 (summer)    Andrij Tarasiuk - summer intern

2016 (summer)    Molly Carney - summer intern

2016-2019           Nathalie Fuentes - graduate student

2016-2018           Marvin Nicoleau - research technician

2016-2017           Amy Spinelli - postdoc 

2016-2018           Lidys Rivera - research technician 

2016-2018           Noe Cabello - research technician

2015 (rotation)     Estefany Rodriguez - undergraduate student 

2015 (rotation)     Naseem Zomorodi - undergraduate student 

2015 (summer)    Tejas Gowda - summer intern

2015 (summer)    Ndifreke Ekpa - summer intern

2015 (summer)    Robyn Harding - summer intern

2014-2016           Carla Caruso - pathology resident

2014-2015           Utkarshna Sinha - summer intern

2014-2016           Christiana Oji-Mmuo - NICU Fellow

2013-2014           Vikas Mishra - postdoctoral fellow 

2015 (summer)    Melody Pham - summer intern  

2013-2014           Noe Cabello - summer intern

2013-2019           Susan DiAngelo - research technician


Fall 2022
Fall 2021
Summer 2021
Fall 2018
Summer 2018
Summer 2017
Summer 2016
Summer 2015
Summer 2014
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Summer 2013
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